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Funeral Services


Why is a funeral important?
As humans, we have a basic need to remember and be remembered. We also share a basic human need to gather together, especially after a death. This is true of all people across all cultures. Coming together, observing certain ceremonies and sharing thoughts about the deceased are essential not only for the family, but also for the community as a whole. The ritual of a funeral creates a meaningful tribute to the deceased; it helps us begin to adapt to the loss; and it serves as a compass—gently guiding us through, and beyond, the experience. Please keep in mind that for all of these reasons, a funeral is just as important for those who choose cremation.

How does a funeral director help?
After a loss, the immediate family is emotionally overwhelmed. It can be extremely difficult to face the many the decisions you’re expected to make. That’s where a trustworthy funeral home makes all the difference. Your funeral director should support you every step of the way with integrity, understanding and careful attention to detail. At Morris-Baker, we’re known for our tradition of caring and long history of community involvement. So whether you prefer a simple graveside service or a full traditional service, we’re here to explain the many options available to you and help you determine what’s best for your family. If you have questions, please feel free to Ask Our Director with our convenient online form. You can also explore a wide range of caskets and vaults to suit every taste and budget or learn more about unique service options such as Scottish bagpipes or a motorcycle hearse.

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