CDC Releases Practical COVID-19 Guidance for Funeral Directors

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) continues to lead the conversation with federal officials about the role of funeral service as it relates to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. At the request of NFDA and as a followup to the postmortem guidance released by the CDC in late-February, today, the agency released specific information about funeral and visitation services to help funeral directors safely care for people who have died of confirmed or suspected COVID-19.


Specifically, this answers the following questions:

—Am I at risk if I go to a funeral or visitation service for someone who died of COVID-19?

—Am I at risk if I touch someone who died of COVID-19 after they have passed away?

—What do funeral home workers need to know about handling decedents who had COVID-19?

—What should I do if my family member died from COVID-19 while overseas and what are the requirements for returning the body to the U.S.?


In summary:

—You can still have a funeral or visitation.

—Bodies can be embalmed using proper PPE.

—Decedents can be buried or cremated, but check with state and local requirements.


We'll have more information up soon to help families navigate these times and special circumstances.

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