Morris-Baker Featured on WJHL: "Funeral home owner hoping staff stays healthy for expected surge"

Preston McKee (owner of Morris-Baker) helps Funeral Director Kate Adams make sure her N95 respirator mask fits properly and is working.

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Preston McKee sprayed a strong scent onto the hoods of Morris-Baker Funeral Home staff Friday, making sure the N95 respirators he’d obtained for his staff fit and worked properly.

Access to the best possible personal protective equipment will be critical in keeping Morris-Baker’s owner and his small group of licensed workers healthy for what he said is a significant expected uptick in deaths as COVID-19 fatalities mount across the region.

“We have been preparing for an anticipated increase in the number of COVID deaths for awhile, and what we’ve seen is bearing out that expectation. We do expect to see a significant increase in COVID deaths.”

[To read full article by Jeff Keeling of WJHL, click here.]

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