At Morris-Baker, we believe deeply in the human need of saying goodbye, and we believe that funeral ritual fulfills a unique role in that process. For that reason, funeral rituals have been a common element of human cultures, faiths, and communities throughout human history.

Funeral rituals help us:

  • By providing stability and order in the often chaotic period of early grief
  • Accept the finality of death and acknowledge our loss
  • To tell the story – who they were, what they believed in, and whom or what they held dear
  • Express the faith and values of the life well lived
  • Gather the community in support of the family and the grieving community itself

Room1Formal or casual, religious or secular, we believe that gathering with others in recognition of a death helps us process our loss and begin our new life journey.

Commonly ceremonies are conducted in one of our chapels or gathering spaces, your church, the cemetery, or your own home. Wherever you feel is appropriate for your needs, we will work to create a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

We regularly work alongside all faith communities, veteran’s organizations, and other community groups to coordinate burial services. We also maintain a network of fellow professionals such as: funeral celebrants, bagpipers, dove release professionals, and horse drawn military caisson service.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and wishes.


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