Our Healing Hearts Group Gathered for Lunch and Catching Up

This week, our Healing Hearts group gathered at Perkins to catch up and enjoy lunch together. Our ongoing Healing Hearts outings are for those who have lost a spouse. These gatherings are open to anyone in the community, regardless of which funeral home a person used. If you have lost a spouse/partner and would like to join our group for fun and fellowship, please contact us and let us know.  …Keep Reading

Flowers Blooming Everywhere

We’ve been seeing many flowers bloom in the last few weeks in our landscape with perennial plants native to our area. Here is just one: the orange-yellow coreopsis. We’ve posted more flowers and plants on our Instagram page. We have sumac, columbine, and many other beauties. If you have a chance to stop by, we hope you will. Enjoy the spring!

Going to the River to Make Some New Friends

The River Ministry for Women invited Kibbi for a therapy dog visit, and today was our first time going. We were warmly welcomed by everyone, and Kibbi even performed some of her tricks for anyone who wanted to watch. Morris-Baker’s therapy dog, Kibbi, is a specially trained canine who is gentle, patient, and friendly. Therapy dogs like to be petted, and they love human contact. Interacting with a dog can lower…Keep Reading

Meeting Community Members at the Senior Center’s Diabetes Health Fair

Shuly Cawood, Morris-Baker’s community relations director, and Mike Richards, our aftercare coordinator, spent Monday morning meeting community members at the Johnson City Senior Center’s Diabetes Health Fair. Kibbi, the funeral’s home’s therapy dog, even showed up to meet anyone who came by our table. The Diabetes Health Fair was from 9 a.m.-noon on October 30, 2017 at the Memorial Park Community Center. Testings and screenings were available, along with information from many…Keep Reading

Morris-Baker Sponsors the Pink Ball!

We’re pleased to be sponsoring the Johnson City’s Senior Center’s Pink Ball, a dance in honor of breast cancer awareness month on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the Memorial Park Community Center. This year’s dance theme is “An Evening in Paris.” Shuly Cawood, director of community relations, appeared on Daytime Tri-Cities to talk about our reasons for sponsoring this event. You can view our appearance by clicking here. For tickets…Keep Reading