What is a Certified Funeral Celebrant?

Michael Richards, Certified Celebrant

A funeral celebrant is a person who meets the needs of families during their time of loss by creating a funeral service or memorial service that reflects the personality and life of the person who has died.

The celebrant works in partnership with the family, guiding and consulting with family members to plan a personalized and meaningful funeral to honor their loved one. The celebrant also works directly with the funeral director to make sure the details and different elements of the service are carried out.  Funeral celebrants are sometimes called upon when a family does not have a specific clergy person on whom to call in times of death, or when a family is not comfortable with a traditional religious funeral ceremony. The celebrant can create a service that is non-religious or a service with spiritual and religious elements–these decisions are up to the family.

Morris-Baker’s Shuly Cawood and Michael Richards are the Tri-Cities only Funeral Celebrants certified through the In-Sight Institute.

To find out more about celebrant services, please call (423) 282-1521