Congratulations to Preston McKee on Being Named a 2019 Healthcare Hero!

Preston McKee, owner of Morris-Baker, has been named a Healthcare Hero this year by The Business Journal. Preston was among many other award-winners who go the extra mile to help people and our community in a hundred different ways.

This is what The Business Journal had to say bout Preston: “Donors and benefactors have long been a staple of Healthcare Heroes. Many have allowed hospitals and healthcare organizations to put their names on various centers, wings and buildings. Preston McKee, owner of Morris-Baker Funeral Home has, over many years, made significant donations to healthcare entities and efforts, but his approach has been what one might call soft-spoken. While he has at times funded 100 percent of efforts he’s supported, this award is one of the few public acknowledgments he’s allowed. McKee also takes a hands-on, or in this case, paws-on approach to aiding the efforts of healthcare providers by owning and allowing the use of a therapy and grief dog, for which he is a certified handler.”

Congratulations, Preston. We couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you to The Business Journal for recognizing all the heroes in our community.

To learn more about the award and to read about the other heroes awarded in the August 2019 issue of The Business Journal, click here.

WRITTEN BY: Shuly Cawood