Cremation Choices

Cremation Choices
The most common misconception around cremation is that it limits choices for the survivors. The truth is, like burial, cremation is only a means of final disposition. It does not limit your funeral choices, but instead opens up even more choices to survivors. Cremation itself is simply one step in the memorialization process—and what you do before and after is your decision. Many people choose to have a visitation period as well as a ceremony—simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary—before cremation. A memorial service after cremation is also common, as is gathering together to commit the remains to their final resting place. Whatever your family’s needs, we’re here to help you create an appropriate and truly meaningful tribute to your loved one.

Committed to excellence in cremation
At Morris-Baker, we’ve proven our commitment to excellence in cremation by co-founding Professional Cremation Services, LLC with other local, family-owned funeral homes. Our facility meets the highest standards of quality and cleanliness to protect the integrity of the deceased.

Understanding cremation
Although increasing in frequency, cremation continues to be a relatively unfamiliar service option in the region we serve. If you have questions, please feel free to Ask Our Director, watch this informative video, or learn more from the following Cremation Association of North America resources:

Resource List

Morris-Baker is committed to providing families in Johnson City, Austin Springs and surrounding Tennessee towns the opportunity for saying goodbye in a dignified and proper setting, even if there is to be no service. There is no charge for dressing and embalming your loved one even if direct cremation is chosen.  We will provide you with a comfortable setting for your final goodbye and this time is never rushed.

Morris-Baker has three certified crematory operators and our employees perform our cremations.  Our staff adheres to a rigorous multi-point checklist and every step of every cremation process is thoroughly documented.

We are here to answer your questions and help with anything you need.

You can also look at your urn choices.

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