Cremation Choices

Room2The most common misconception of cremation is that it limits service options for the survivors. The truth is, like burial, cremation is only a means of final disposition. It does not limit your service options, but instead opens up even more.

Cremation itself is simply one step in the memorialization process, and what you do before and after is your decision. Simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary – whatever your family’s wishes, we’re here to help you create an appropriate and truly meaningful tribute to your loved one.

In choosing Morris-Baker, you can be rest assured in that:

  • We are committed to providing every family the opportunity for a proper goodbye.
  • We will provide you with a dignified and comfortable setting for your goodbye and this time is never rushed.
  •  There is no extra fee for dressing and preparing your loved one – even if no formal ceremonies are chosen.
  • The cremation is conducted in our crematory by specially trained and certified staff.
  • We are committed to the security of the cremation process, and our staff adheres to a rigorous multi-point checklist and every step of every cremation process is thoroughly documented.
  • After the service, our aftercare staff is here to support you in your grief journey. You are always welcome to our Holiday Services of Remembrance and other events we regularly host.

We are here to answer your questions and help with anything you need.

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