Helping Families, Healing Hearts

Judy Ellis first came to Morris-Baker over twenty years ago when she applied for a position as organist, but after she retired from working for the Washington County Department of Education, she decided to expand her work for Morris-Baker and became a funeral assistant with us.

“If I were just beginning my career, it would certainly have been in the funeral business,” Judy says. “This is a ministry. No matter what your position, your job is to help families through what might be the most difficult time that they will ever experience.”

Judy also works with our Healing Hearts group, which gathers monthly for outings and is for those who have lost a spouse. The group serves as an opportunity for community members to find strength in each other and support others who have lost a spouse. Judy is an integral part of the Healing Hearts leadership, providing kindness and a welcoming spirit that comes naturally to her.

Now with Morris-Baker for over two decades in various roles, Judy is an important part of the Morris-Baker family.

WRITTEN BY: Shuly Cawood