Spring in Our Landscape

Yet Even More Flowers in Our Blooming Landscape

More Flowers in Our Landscape

Our Native Landscape Is Blooming

Our landscape is starting to bloom with perennial plants native to our area. Growing plants that are native to this region provides a habitat for birds and bees and butterflies. Using native plants requires using less water, and allows us to do without pesticides. Stop by and see what flowers are coming up all around our funeral home.

“It is truly a called profession.”

Originally from Jonesborough, Rick Yett has worked for Morris-Baker for over a decade as his second career—his first was with the U.S. Postal Service for over three decades. He became interested in working for Morris-Baker after having observed funeral services over the years at different places: “When attending funerals for friends and family members, I used to always watch the funeral home employees and see how they were conducting themselves…Keep Reading