A Little Walk Does Everyone Good

If you’re feeling blue or mentally tired, take a walk. Getting outside can reinvigorate your mind and body. Pay attention to what you see, what sounds you hear, how the wind feels on your face. It’s okay to stroll—it doesn’t need to be a sprint. It’s also okay to only go a few blocks—it doesn’t need to be a marathon. But take a walk. Take it from Kibbi, our therapy…Keep Reading

How to Be the One Who Succeeds at New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make resolutions about the future of their health and finances, but so often they have grand plans that never come to be. We can help you be one of the people who achieves their 2020 goals if one of those goals is making your family’s future easier by finally writing down your funeral wishes. Pre-planning funerals is easy when you work with us—all you have to do is…Keep Reading

It’s Been an Honor to Serve You

Help During the Holidays

If you know someone who needs some support during this holiday season, please send them to our grief support gathering on Tuesday, December 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Memorial Park Community Center. Michael Lester, grief counselor, facilitates. To learn more about our other grief support, click here. Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash.

Morris-Baker Awarded Pursuit of Excellence for the Fifth Year in a Row

Morris-Baker Funeral Home and Cremation Services has received the 2019 Pursuit of Excellence Award, given by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Morris-Baker Funeral Home is the only funeral home in Johnson City to have received this award for five consecutive years. Morris-Baker was also the first funeral home in Johnson City to ever receive the Pursuit of Excellence Award in the NFDA’s history of bestowing the honor. This year, just…Keep Reading