Grief and the Holidays with Michael Lester

Michael Lester

We look forward to hosting our thirteenth consecutive Grief and the Holidays seminar series facilitated by Michael Lester, a board certified grief counselor.

While we hope to see you at every session, each session addresses a unique theme and is a complete lesson in itself. Over the years many attendees have shared how valuable the experience was as they prepared for the first holiday season following the death of their loved one.

Each lesson is free, open to the public, and presented twice (11:30 am & 6:30 pm) to accommodate the varied schedules of those we serve.


One: Thursday, November 1st “Holidays: Good and Bad”

Two: Thursday, November 8th “Planning for the Holidays”

Three: Thursday, November 15th “The Healing Power of Rituals and Remembrances”


You may use the registration links below or call Vickie at (423) 262-5245.
Registration for lesson two and three will be available at lesson one.

Click to Register for Lesson One, Nov. 1st Lunch Session

Click to Register for Lesson One, Nov. 1st Evening Session


Where is the Morris-Baker Hospitality Center?

The Hospitality Center is a meeting space located in Morris-Baker Funeral Home, 2001 E. Oakland Avenue. There will be hosts at the front doors to direct you to the space.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may contact Vickie at (423) 262-5245 with any questions.