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If you are comparing prices among funeral providers, it is important to recognize the differences in the overall level of service and the manner in which fees are quoted. Every funeral provider charges separately for two main components – professional services and merchandise. While one firm may have a lower service charge than another, their merchandise prices may be higher, resulting in a comparable total price. Our funeral home’s prices are in the mid-range by comparison to others and represent what we think is the ideal combination of price and value.



At Morris-Baker, we place the emphasis on service over merchandise, as our clients mainly value the positive experience with our staff, facilities and the thoughtful care we render.

Here are the questions you should consider when comparing:

  1. Is the funeral provider’s pricing complicated by packaged offerings claiming to save expense? Are there any hidden fees?
  2. Does the company transport the deceased in the care to “care centers” in other towns and counties, or do they provide their care on site?
  3. Does the staff listen and comprehend my needs, responding with warmth and eagerness to assist, as if my family is their only concern of the moment?
  4. Does the firm’s personnel have the knowledge and experience of various faith and cultural traditions, facilitating well-orchestrated ceremonies? Or, can the staff support us in meaningful ways for a non-religious ceremony?
  5. Are the facilities, equipment, technology and procedures up to date?
  6. Does the staff provide timely follow-up and assistance with details when services are completed?
  7. Will the firm go out of its way to accommodate special requests and demonstrate creativity in tailoring services, or is it a “one size fits all” approach?
  8. How much personnel is assigned to supervise memorial ceremonies?
  9. Does the company operate its own crematory, or is this “outsourced” to a third party?

We invite you to visit our facilities, meet our staff, and compare.



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